There are sizing recommendations and advice in the descriptions for each design.
Below our size guide is a general body shape chart for reference plus a body measurement chart to offer guidance, if needed.

If you have referred to the size guide, read the recommendations and advice with each listing and still concerned about the fit of a design, contact with email or use the contact form and include your measurements, the design(s) you have your eyespy on, and questions regarding your specific concerns.  Our production and design house is modest, which makes custom sizing an attainable branch to your desire.
It is a wallop of gratitude to assist you.

All body types are unique and it is an honor to have your visit with us Under The Root.


Body Shape Characteristics

Triangle (Pear):  full hips or thighs, defined waist, shoulders that are narrower than hips, a small top half as well as small bust

Inverted Triangle:  bottom half is smaller than top, little definition between waist and hips, flat hips and bottom, straight and squared shoulder line

Rectangle (Lean Column):  narrow shoulders, flat chest or small bust,
small and non-defined waist, narrow hips and flat bottom

Hourglass (Neat):  a defined bust and waist, neat bottom and thighs

Diamond:  hips more defined than shoulders and bust, full midsection, undefined waist, shapely legs

Rounded (Apple):  rounder shoulder line and flattish bottom, average to larger bust, fullness around the middle, good legs

not pictured in the image above but notable for body shape:
Rectangle (Wide Column):  straight shoulder line and ribcage, straight hips and bottom, very little waist definition, average tummy
Hourglass (Full):  shapely thighs, rounded bottom and hips, small waist, full bust



There are a plethora of ways to take proper body measurements:
a soft measuring tape, a string, ribbon, etc... 

  • Do not hold your breath when you take your measurements, stand relaxed.
  • Hold your measuring device gently but firm, enough to rest happily around the body area.
  • It is not unheard of to lay flat your most cherished items of apparel and take those same measurements to compare with your body measurements.. and witness the correlation.