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AFAB: Assigned Female at Booking

Gender Spectrum Workshop Series:

AFAB: Assigned Female at Booking
A Discussion on Non-Binary Modeling with Alf the Spidermonkey

Join us for a gathering of models and the photography/film/video community to address some of the basics about respectfully working with non-binary models. We begin with a question & answer session to warm up the room, then hear from our speaker about some details to think about, study creative wardrobe/posing techniques, add in a photo session, and hand off some takeaways of resources.

Do you want to broaden your portfolio reach?  Have you wanted to connect with a community that peaks your interest because of these possibilities?  Are you a non-binary model with something to learn and share?  Do you have an interest in this culture of modeling and wish for more community input?
If any of these questions are at the tip of your tongue, then this workshop is a safe place to venture for models, makeup artists, hair designers, brands, photographers, film and videographers.

About the speaker:
Alf Posen is a traveling, freelance model based out of Gainesville, Florida.  He has been modeling for three years and traveling part-time for the last two years.  Their other work is deeply rooted in cutting hair and making people feel good about their appearances.  Alf considers their self to be trans-masculine femme; a non-binary trans-boy who still presents relatively feminine and has not taken steps to make their body and presentation the way society pushes it to be.  Alf only started to accept their trans identity about a year and a half ago, after moving to Gainesville and meeting so many people that they related to in feelings about gender and the self.  Their modeling has helped them to accept the body that they were given and to create something beautiful with what they have.  Their experiences with other models, with photographers, and the world around them is quite different because of who they are.  During this workshop, they will be opening up to help us understand their world and guide us through adjusting our language to make the photography and modeling community more inclusive.

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