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A Seamster and The Machine - Resurrect Your Thrift

Resurrect Your Thrift

There are a plethora of ways to resurrect a piece of apparel that has long lost its lustre for your style. Maybe you have an idea and not quite sure how to turn that vision into an actualized, finished product. Perhaps your article of clothing needs a bit of alteration that does not seem possible to align with the imagination. Or, you have no idea how to shapeshift an article from your wardrobe, but you know it has potential.

Join us for a class where you will learn how to reconstruct + resurrect a thrift item from your wardrobe. We will also advance your techniques so that you can incorporate them into future alterations, stretch the ideas that may seem unapproachable based on your knowledge, plus find hidden gems from your personal, unique style.

3 hours

Prerequisites Courses:
Advanced Beginner sewing skills

Recommended Safety Precautions:
Closed-toed shoes
Remove dangling jewelry
Tie back long hair
Wear clothing with a closer fit

Materials Needed:
Bring an apparel item(s) you wish to alter.
You are welcome to bring a portable machine.

There are herbal teas, scented water, and tiny morsels at hand for you.

All workshops at locket require prepayment and registration.

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