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A Seamster and The Machine - Basic Skills

A Seamster and The Machine:

Basic Skills

The possibilities of learning to sew your own apparel, decor, home goods, and loungerie are quite endless. You do not need an industrial machine, but what you do need is to be the seamster and the machine and expand your imagination. This happens automatically when you have the skills in place and you have made them your own.

Join us for an introductory class where you will learn how to work + the ins and outs of a home sewing machine, textile and thread basics, needle types and basic stitches, plus machine troubleshooting.

3 hours

Prerequisites Courses:
It has been years

Recommended Safety Precautions:
Closed-toed shoes
Remove dangling jewelry
Tie back long hair
Wear clothing with a closer fit

Materials Needed:
None, the tools and materials will be provided.
You are welcome, not required, to bring a portable machine.

There are herbal teas, scented water, and tiny morsels at hand for you.

All workshops at locket require prepayment and registration.

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