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locket workshop

Roots + Tendrils:

Wilderness Mobiles

Mobiles rely on balance and movement in order to achieve their artistic effect; they are composed of a number of elements interconnected with wires, strings, metal rods or a collection of unconventional objects. As such, they represent a form of a kinetic sculpture because, unlike traditional sculptures, they do not remain static, but are mobile, set in motion by air currents or even a slight touch. The superb design of each of its parts, as well as the construction as a whole, manages to achieve a kind of equilibrium that perhaps makes up the core of its magikal aesthetics.

Sacred items such as crystals, stones, beads, dried herbs, foraged nature, feathers, ancient symbols, etc. are often used in the construction of these structures. This concept is the focus of Wilderness Mobiles. Sometimes referred to as hanging talismans, the mobiles can be incorporated into healing sessions and rituals, or displayed in sacred spaces and home altars. Intention is the driving force of their formulation.

Join us for a workshop where you are able to spread out, draw on the intention, create the layout, choose the elements, and formulate your own wilderness mobile.

NOTE: The tools and materials are provided, however, if you have specific objects/elements that you desire to be included into your wilderness mobile then most certainly bring them with you.

3 hours

Materials Needed:
None, the tools and materials will be provided.

There are herbal teas, scented water, and tiny morsels at hand for you.

All workshops at locket require prepayment and registration.

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