How do I determine my size?

There are sizing recommendations and advice in the descriptions for each design.
Below our size guide is a general body shape chart for reference
plus a body measurement chart to offer guidance, if needed.

If you have referred to the size guide, read the recommendations and advice with each listing and still concerned about the fit of a design, contact with email or use the contact form and include your measurements, the design(s) you have your eyespy on, and questions regarding your specific concerns.  Our production and design house is modest, which makes custom sizing an attainable branch to your desire.
It is a wallop of gratitude to assist you.

All body types are unique and it is an honor to have your visit with us Under The Root.

I prefer to pay with PayPal instead of my credit card via Stripe?

If you prefer and are more comfortable to use PayPal, your request is not a problem.  Please send an email with your order details to  We will send an invoice from PayPal with your order to continue checkout.

I wish to know more about the fabric and dyes?

There is a dedicated page for information on the fabrics, materials, textiles, plus low impact and fiber reactive dyes.. follow the link here.

How to care for your Under The Root intimate apparel?

These products are ethically handcrafted for a long lasting life.  If you wish to prolong their quality and value for years to come, follow the steps below:

The fabrics have been washed and preshrunk then dyed and washed once again.
We recommend the first couple washes be done alone
or with like colors to further set the dye.

hand wash or use delicate machine cycle with cool water
minimal natural detergents such as castile soap
line dry, flat dry, or delicate dry in a machine

How do I request a media kit?

A booklet has been prepared for print and online magazines, publications, blogs, journals, guides, and others whom eyespy our work and wish to understand more about the company.  The Media Kit is available upon request with the media kit form located here.

Do you offer Under The Root intimate apparel for wholesale?

Yes.  We offer a wholesale catalogue with linesheet, lookbook, and order form to buyers for the retailer, boutique, and/or online shop.  The Wholesale Catalogue is available upon request with the wholesale inquiry form located here.

Do you offer one of a kind sewn pieces for performances, costumes, and events?

The request for sewn pieces with your ideas, collaborations, and unique inquiries is welcome.  An efficient way to unite the visual elements is to determine the type of fabric and color palette from the start.  Please send a contact message with general information to open the conversation.  Two or three months is a realistic time frame for not just consulting and designing but obtaining swatches, gathering fabrics, cutting, sewing, and fitting.

I need something quickly, do you have options for rush orders?

There are no rush orders at this time, however, Gift Vouchers are a breathtaking way to offer someone a confidante bestowment.  You do not have to feel vexed about picking the correct size or style, and the anxiousness of awaiting the parcel is eliminated.  The Gift Vouchers can be purchased here with your only decision being the cover image and value.

How do I sign up for the newsletter?

A subscription to Ellefolk, the quarterly newsletter, is available at the bottom of each page.

How do I follow Ellefolk Gazette?

You can receive updates to Ellefolk Gazette with the RSS or subscription form located at the top of the Ellefolk Gazette page.

What are your refund and return policies?

The details for our refund and return policies is located on the Terms and Conditions page link in the footer of each page or follow the link here.

What are the shipping policies and procedures?

A dedicated page for shipping / handling policies and procedures can be accessed in the footer of each page or follow this link here.

Do you offer coupon codes?  What if I forgot to add the coupon during checkout?

Yes.  There are updates on coupon codes, discounts, and giveaways with a subscription to Ellefolk, the quarterly newsletter.  A newsletter subscription form is located at the bottom of each page.  However, these offers are not retroactive.  We honor them at the checkout only.

Do you offer discounts for ordering more than one item?

The nature of handcrafted designs does not leave much room for this to be a beneficial option for this business.  The option for discounts of orders with more than one item is not offered at this time.

How do I request a loan for a model/photographer/stylist?

There are samples available to loan for press opportunities.  The intimate apparel loans are reserved for guaranteed print publication, or online features with a very high readership. When requesting samples please include names and links to the photographer/videographer, model, stylist, location, and publication.

Do you offer studio visits?

Under The Root studio is open to the public by appointment.  The contact form or email to is a sure fire way to reach us.

If you still have questions..
send an email to or message with the contact form