Sensual Edge for Authentic and Radical Decisions of Hemp

Sensual Alchemy
There is an interpersonal communication happening between intimate apparel and the alchemistical processes that embody these pieces.  The deeper we hike inside our individual journeys, the more apt we are to devise an allurement with the materials we wrap on the outside of our skins.  All the more reason to be educated about the true cost of these said garments.  It seems imperative that the supply chain be holistic, ethical, naturalistic, and transparent.  Is it overtly edgy to ask for every hand which has a stake in the completion of your garment be as sensual as you?...possibly with a trace of psychic kinship thrown in because we can?

     The motivations and ultimate provocations for manufacturing intimate apparel is to form a bond in the cloth with the bodies they inhabit.  You are what you wear, complementary to, you are what you eat.  Each design has properties of not only the threads woven into the cloth, but also, the placement of touch to the body, the drape along the body, the character enchantment of the particular design details, and the equilibrium of ascertained wisdom with each piece as it becomes you.  Sensual Alchemy is the transformative processes, or collaborative steps, participating in your continuity of consciousness.  Sensual Alchemy is intimate, ayurvedic, grounded, patient and passionate.

Sensual Edge for Authentic and Radical Decisions of Hemp
     A lot is happening on the global scale for lingerie designers in terms of raw materials.  Why not leverage the more sustainable textiles available?  It is not enough to be ethical.  Our knowledge and wisdom will be underestimated if we continue with the status quo of fast fashion.  We have the power to change thinking, standards, and the health of our planet and people with our consumption.  The possibility of using our undergear, underwear, lingerie, loungerie, and loungewear as weapons of mass evolution is so bright.  We no longer have the luxury of ignorance when it comes to purchasing intimate apparel.  We can be part of the movement of consciousness; a sensual consciousness, because being wise is decadent.  Comfort and sensuality go hand in hand.  When we are comfortable with ourselves, our bodies and our nature, the veraciously orgasmic drive surrounds every move we make.


Sitting at the Big Table of Sensuality
     Sensuality is inherent with every human body.  The word may begin with the letter 's' but it is quite different than sexuality.  It claims the right of a body without repression or compartmentalized pleasure zones, and it is a natural, whole being submersion in sensory exploration.  You do not need drugs to hold hands with it, and it creeps over you when lingering too long as a shadow.  Sensuality is freedom and there is never a wrong way to ingest it with yourself.  You can wash with it in the rain, dry in the light breezes, lay on the rocky ground cover, or bring it to the fire.  It is yours to claim.  Even a quick moment of non-action sends it the message to smolder with you.
     These words above are a personal calling card to make room for it in yourself and others.  Do away with the judgment of what it is supposed to look like, talk like, act like, or be.  It is yours; every last drop of the blood of it is yours.  Others may see it just as you may see others, but make no doubt that it belongs to the only one who sees it as a completed circle... you.


What is Happening Right Now to Sensualize Your Undergear
     Industrial hemp is historically a robust textile and has seen its fair share of adversity in the country of which we reside, the United States.  The benefits and its truth as a plant are washing clean as our society takes this turn around the corner.  Many facts about industrial hemp can be researched with the following sites: Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, HempEthics, VoteHemp, and North American Industrial Hemp Council.

IMPORTANT:  The National Hemp Association is sending a petition directly to Members of Congress on July 4th, 2016 with signatures of action from people like you.  Please take a moment to sign the petition, read The Industrial Hemp Farming Act, and support the legalization of industrial hemp which allows American farmers and Veterans to grow this environmentally sustainable cash crop on United States soil.


Glimpse of Industrial Hemp Farming and Production
     The first time my hands touched hemp fabrics in early 2005, I was immediately touched right back with its source of sensuality.  The price point was a bit out of reach because not only was it imported but mildly unappreciated to the majority as a fabric for intimate apparel.  This has dramatically changed with the spread of knowledge and awareness.  There are significant strides taking place now to bring industrial hemp farms back into the States.  Not only will this dramatically decrease the carbon footprint for industrial hemp products, it sends waves of localized health to every community.  Growing Warriors, Fibershed, and the most recent video sets a tone for what is to come... and it is good, so very good indeed.  Under The Root is a member of the Pacific Northwest Fibershed which aims to keep pace with the "emergence of a regional textile community, that will support soil-to-soil processes in fiber, textile and garment production". 



Sustainable Hemp is Complementary to Your Intimate Apparel
     With a multitude of benefits for the body, planet, people, and United States, the choice to work with industrial hemp and organic cotton blends is straightforward.  The investment of our responsibility to nourish these benefits culminates with an end product that links the skin to its deeply entrenched roots of naturalism and sustainable systems.  Additional, sensuous freedom is incorporated into the designs by way of the fine details in each piece.  Under The Root does not use soy, tencel, bamboo, or modal because the quality and efficiency needed to produce these textiles are less superior than sustainable hemp production.  The ethos of our fabric choices run parallel with one of the domestic design houses that continue to spearhead the manufacturing landscape for sustainable materials, Gaia Conceptions.  Andrea Crouse, the Gaia Conceptions army, and their brilliance have sparkled in North Carolina since 2003.

The End of the Beginning to the Story
     It may have taken some years to fully integrate industrial hemp, organic cottons, and low impact, hand dyeing palettes into our manufacturing supply chain, but the shift from upcycled fabrics to sustainable materials has happened.  Now, a complete breathe of fresh air can cooperatively whisper into each design.  The movement to legalize domestically produced, industrial hemp fibers is a campaign worth its weight in gold for the United States.  It acknowledges that our consciousness yearns for sensual, sustainable materials close to our skin.  You are worth it.  The local economy is worth it.  Our prosperity as a planet and people is worth it.

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Jennifer M Brown

sensual alchemy for body movement visionaries