Secret Germinations and First Exposure to the Weed Walk

Herbivore Apothecary
     Herbivore Apothecary is a segment of Ellefolk Gazette dedicated to the cherished respect for herbals, holistic medicine, botany, geology, and the methods we find in nature to develop our kinship with its universe.  It has now been twenty-five years since my acknowledgement and secret germination of the wild person cosmos.  So, in light of this precipice, I will be sharing the covert operations alongside weed walks, recipes, wild harvesting booty, herbal techniques, plus wild crafting charms and talisman projects.

What is a Weed Walk?
     For me, Weed Walk is a coined term by Susun S. Weed.  When this concept was first introduced, the handbook in which the term was found prickled my heartstrings: Wise Woman Herbal, Healing Wise, by Susun S. Weed, copyright 1989.  The year was 1993, the last year I resided in a home that included a backyard to dig and plant to my sprite's desire.  I had read the entire book from front to back, bookmarking pages of note with stickers and recipe cards and slips of paper that are still clinging to its inside.  While the writings intrigued me to no end at the time, it was to be 20 years later before the book was appropriately utilized again.

     The notion for adding weed walks to the Herbivore Apothecary segment began with the faint, whispering memory of this book.  Over the years, my library has been streamlined with only the bare essentials, but lo! and behold! this book has survived and now being used as a reference to guide the choices for our weed walks.  A few steps into the open air or a bicycle ride of Seattle, Washington is how we will be traveling to pathways, abandoned lots, back country roads, woodland trails, cemetery strolls, and basically the hidden areas untainted by most hands.  We will learn about and meet the weeds with personal guides, field guides, herbals, nature centers, plus the psychic green world of the senses.  The weeds of our focus and in order of their appearance:  Nettle, Violet, Dandelion, Seaweeds, Oatstraw, Burdock, and Chickweed.

Herbal Pharmacy and Kitchen
     Identification of these flora is the beginning, or an added investment, towards forging alignment with nature and the surroundings.  The medicinal properties found in weeds are outstanding.  We will be not only meeting the plants, but also discussing how to pick, dry, forage, and buy herbs for making herbal medicines.  Sometimes, it seems the fast paced world has forgotten how to prepare foods with weeds too.  This is why simple recipes will also be included with the weed walk articles.

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Have you ever foraged for wild edibles?  Do you find weeds in your kitchen?  What tools or tips do you have for working with weeds?  The comment section is below.

Jennifer M Brown

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