Introduction of Ellefolk Gazette

An Introduction and Welcome from Ellefolk Gazette
     Our journal since 2008, Musings, Usings, and Loose Things, was practically dripping with a deep sincerity for overhaul.  It was time for change.  Two years of racking the brain, shaking the tree, and tumbling over how on earth to be more transparent from behind the scenes.  It has became clear that a journal for this brand, the optimal interpretation, will be best delivered in segments.  My hope is that these written words connect you to the intimacy of Under The Root and possibly your own network of undergrowth.

  • Herbivore Apothecary
  • Body Movement Visionaries
  • Sensual Alchemy
  • Cabinet of Curiosities
  • Emporium Memoir
  • Madeleine
  • Musings of a Curious Observer

Herbivore Apothecary
     Herbivore Apothecary is the first segment of Ellefolk Gazette dedicated to the cherished respect for herbals, holistic medicine, botany, geology, and the methods we find in nature to develop our kinship with its universe.  It has now been twenty-five years since my acknowledgement and secret germination of the wild person cosmos.  So, in light of this precipice, I will be sharing the covert operations alongside weed walks, recipes, wild harvesting booty, herbal techniques, plus wild crafting charms and talisman projects.



Body Movement Visionaries
     The mythical works of modern dance, cabaret theater, and circus arts, across the globe today and yesterday, will populate this segment of Ellefolk Gazette.  There has been a historical landscape forged by our human desire to imagine an upturned reality using the body as channel and translator.  We will witness images, short films, documentaries, and performance clips in order to highlight as many facets of dance as possible.  There are dance companies, performance artists, classes, books, collaborations, generations, and so many more avenues to highlight.  With the onset of new technologies, a balance of participants as artists and audiences engage to create environments together.  This was the future and it is here now.
     My story and perspective of the lavishness of body movement began as a tiny sprout.  It continued to grow up on stage, behind the scrim, in rehearsals, in costume, throughout my collegiate career, and ending up underground.  It is fair to say that the brand which bears the name Under The Root was my inherent need to design undergear for the modern dancer.



Sensual Alchemy
There is an interpersonal communication happening between intimate apparel and the alchemistical processes that embody these pieces.  The deeper we hike inside our individual journeys, the more apt we are to devise an allurement with the materials we wrap on the outside of our skins.  All the more reason to be educated about the true cost of these said garments.  It seems imperative that the supply chain be holistic, ethical, naturalistic, and transparent.  Is it overtly edgy to ask for every hand which has a stake in the completion of your garment be as sensual as you?...possibly with a trace of psychic kinship thrown in because we can?
     The motivations and ultimate provocations for manufacturing intimate apparel is to form a bond in the cloth with the bodies they inhabit.  You are what you wear, complementary to, you are what you eat.  Each design has properties of not only the threads woven into the cloth, but also, the placement of touch to the body, the drape along the body, the character enchantment of the particular design details, and the equilibrium of ascertained wisdom with each piece as it becomes you.  Sensual Alchemy is the transformative processes, or collaborative steps, participating in your continuity of consciousness.  Sensual Alchemy is intimate, ayurvedic, grounded, patient and passionate.



Cabinet of Curiosities
     Within the natural history of this brand resides an accompaniment of how, when, why, where, and what.  While even the corners of the studio are seething with the answers as a whole, it seems important to write about the many variables that come into play.  Each design has been steeped in these brews of specifics before their manifestation into existence.  They are fabricated from particular ideas and notions and influence of the cabinet compartments that incorporate our intimate apparel. 
     The objective of the Cabinet of Curiosities is to share the story and closet of each of the designs: the process involved, decision-making turns, materials used, behind the name meaning, and miscellaneous tidbits of distinction.  It is a key to unlock and reveal transparency of the particulars that inhabit an independent lingerie designer.  The cabinet of curiosities has been built over time; you will find no loss of mistakes, over reach of ideals, miserable failures, and general rubbish of profound measure.  In the end, we still venture onward towards artful conception with the twitch of the witch.


Emporium Memoir
     In this over-populated world of information heavy, product overload, news explosions, media grabbers, and monsters of distractions, it seems we long for a place of private exploration into the depths of veritable connections.  If only for mere moments, we are comforted with those domains of exclusive interpretations between individuals, private library access cards, and the one hundred year old wood tables to sit at and sip warm beverages while we read together.  Emporium Memoir has the intention to generate a dialogue and experience, a treehouse of stories and solutions as seen through my personal perspective.  These words stem from questions on a list created by the gifted Alexandra Franzen.  I have followed this sprite for quite some time.



     Recently, someone mentioned that Madeleine is my muse.  I guess if you consider that we are under control of one another, then yes.  This dressform considers me a friend and while it may not inhabit a human body, the respect for one another is the same.  Madeleine has been longing for more adventures, or rather, I am welcoming the nudge towards adventure like a private meadow to take a nap in.



Musings from a Curious Observer
     This segment is a bit more secluded, where the door opens to the holographic universe.  A brief and informative arena that hopes to give a synopsis of likes, dislikes, considerations, lists, alternatives, mistakes and solutions.  The compendium from my perspective, spread on a table for lovers of chocolate.


Jennifer M Brown

sensual alchemy for body movement visionaries