How to Regenerate a Visionary Bralette Brew


Cabinet of Curiosities
     Within the natural history of this brand resides an accompaniment of how, when, why, where, and what.  While even the corners of the studio are seething with the answers as a whole, it seems important to write about the many variables that come into play.  Each design has been steeped in these brews of specifics before their manifestation into existence.  They are fabricated from particular ideas and notions and influence of the cabinet compartments that incorporate our intimate apparel. 

     The objective of the Cabinet of Curiosities is to share the story and closet of each of the designs: the process involved, decision-making turns, materials used, behind the name meaning, and miscellaneous tidbits of distinction.  It is a key to unlock and reveal transparency of the particulars that inhabit an independent lingerie designer.  The cabinet of curiosities has been built over time; you will find no loss of mistakes, over reach of ideals, miserable failures, and general rubbish of profound measure.  In the end, we still venture onward towards artful conception with the twitch of the witch.

How to Regenerate a Visionary Bralette Brew
     It all started here, with this pattern and an insatiable appetite to manifest undergear for the modern dancer.  There was a dilemma with the intimate apparel selection in the market, but that is for another article.  The materials had to be hearty, but not too thick, and they had to endure the bodies.  The composition had to mimic sensuality with a heap of comfort around the ribcage.  A slight hug from a bat's wings was the thought.  So, I opened up the pattern and started to brainstorm.  Just like that, one leap into the abyss and a heap of graciousness for the human body.

A Minerva Guide is the legend included to these pattern pieces.

     The next step was to outline what exactly to do with cotton jersey materials.  How was this bralette about to be different than the pattern, yet contain elements of its historical backdrop?  A collection of materials, textiles, and hardware obtained over many years from hoarding thrift, estate sales, design house closeouts, and reclaimed cutoffs was in front of me to choose.  If there is one thing learned which continues to be quite instrumental in design... make the decisions with confidence and waste no time in this process.  Trust that your development has only one way to go and that direction is towards exponential growth.  But first, you must make a decision in order to proceed to the next decision that then opens the purpose to the one after, etc.

The accoutrements for Octavia include: cotton twill lacing, eyelet tape, strap ribbon, lingerie trim, rings and slides.

     The pieces were cut, generous amounts of mockups were assembled, additional adjustments to the front lacings and straps and edges were incorporated within the finished design.  A grading of the pattern for sizes extra small to extra large became the next stage.  Finally, it was time the bralette wrap warm blooded bodies to make the final tweaks.  During this beginning stage of Under The Root, my studies into patternmaking had taken hold like a common tailorbird's nest.  Aside from business classes and workshops, I researched secondhand books on design, manipulating fabric, sewing machines, plus knitwear.  The perseverance for quality soaked these resources in like a warm blanket.

The first photo session with Ellie in the bralette and bloomers, photographed by Vesna Jovanovic, in the quiet corner of a northside, Chicago trail, circa 2007.

     The version that can be found with our present basics collection is nothing less than a labor of increased wisdom.  Masterful stitching, seams, and trims abound.  The two darts in front and back, separate the entire piece into vertical, burgeoning petals.  The cotton twill eyelet plus lacing in front gives a secure and subtle component.  The adjustable straps are made from handwashed, double sided satin, and attached with double stitching for longevity.  What touches me most now, is how the recent modification of materials has seriously refined the collection.  Two years ago, I began shifting over all the main materials to fair trade, industrial hemp and organic cotton.  Not only do they embrace the health of our planet and peoples, these fabrics offer up every design the keys to a conscientious upgrade in character.  These materials, if chosen in the correct weight and weave, give freedom of movement while holding you just so.   And, if taken care of without hot water or dryers, the pieces will last a lifetime. 

The Octavia Bralette paired with the Helena High Waisted Panties photographed in Seattle by Spider during a product photo session with the magikal sprite Marlow Rae.

     Octavia.  It is simply bewitching to choose names for designs.  The time spent is an opportunity to dream a little longer and extend the story outwards, beyond the realm of this dimension.  The name Octavia suggests a deep inner desire to lead, organize, supervise, and to achieve status.  Another interpretation involves modern mysticism with the number 8:  infinity, cube, perfection, pair of opposites, octagon, square into circle, regeneration, solidity, octave, egg of life.
You can view details of the Octavia Bralette within the shop and collection here.

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Jennifer M Brown

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