Community Evolution

We are beginning to give back to organizations all dear to the ethos of Under The Root. The following recipients for 5% of proceeds from sales will rotate each month.
The harder we work to connect the slow fashion movement with the spiral of community responsibility, plus, the more our clients shop online for our products; the more we are able to give.

Our #communityevolution recipients:
Amnesty International (June 2016)
Arbor Day Foundation (July 2016)
Association for Women in Science (May 2016)
Columbia College Chicago (January 2017)
Farm Animal Rights Movement (February 2017)
Human Rights Campaign (December 2016)
PETA (October 2016)
Velocity Dance Center (August 2016)
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (November 2016)
YouthCare (September 2016)

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Do you donate or volunteer for a non-profit?  Is there a story connected with your local non-profit organization that you can share with us?  The comment section is below.

Jennifer M Brown

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