2017 Lunar Calendar

2017 Lunar Calendar
     Welcome in to the new year, an Under The Root lunar calendar was prepared over the last 3 days.  It is a printable pdf that opens in a new page.  You can then download it onto your computer and print.  Please share with those you believe will be enriched to have a lunar calendar of their very own.

     The only legend for the calendar is for the 4 moon phases in each lunar cycle, based on Pacific Standard Time, as seen in our night sky here in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.  There are no holidays, no special days of note, nor other distractions of labeled days.  The exact times of the moon sightings are much more accurate based on your time zone by visiting some of these Astronomy sites:
Time and Date
Moon Connection
Calendar 365

New Year Celebration
     The earliest recording of a new year celebration is believed to have been in Mesopotamia, c. 2000 B.C. and was celebrated around the time of the vernal equinox in mid-March.  This continued throughout the following years in cultures around the world.  The Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Persians began their new year with the autumnal equinox and Greeks chose to celebrate on the winter solstice.  So, the new year as a celebration has been integrated into our patterns of life by way of seasons.
     The months of January and February were added to the 10-month lunar calendar around 700 B.C. January 1 became the celebration date by a Roman king mandate in 153 B.C. as the beginning of a civil year.  Hence, it had political ties to the date.  In 46 B.C., Julius Caesar changed the lunar calendar system.  The sun-based calendar helped alleviate the inaccuracies from the lunar calendar.
Medieval Europe had worked towards abolishing a new year celebration for being too pagan or unchristian like in 567.  Today, the Gregorian Calendar has been used, something like an industrial standard, since 1582 in most cultures and around the world.

Moon Glyphs
     There is an image added to the back of the 2017 lunar calendar of Moon Glyphs.  While the chart is not an official Moon Glyph chart, it is an image of symbols based on a fantasy, fictional story by a person named Zapphyre.  This image has grown a somewhat cult following by persons that found these symbols enchanted, blessed, and worthy of admiration.  When I stumbled into this image a handful of years ago, they seemed to be charged with good, no matter their accepted historical value.  Thank you, Rick.
     Moon Glyphs are magik symbols drawn on your skin in black ink, and they are used for the connection with nature and Esbat magik.  An Esbat is a meeting and opportunity, other than for a Sabbat, to conduct healings, initiations, love feasts, psychic trainings, releases, etc., and most of all to honour the lunar cycle in which it takes place.  Each Gregorian calendar has 13 full moons.  The Esbat does usually take place on one of these full moon nights/days, although Moon Glyphs are appropriate for any lunar phase.

Here are some general associations of the Moon Glyphs from the included chart:
Hope - protection/healing
Earth - Winter/North
Balance - cleansing
Energy - dynamic awareness
Power - invocation to forces of nature
Fire - Summer/South
Water - Autumn/West
Air - Spring/East
Light - blessings/attractions
Crown - ceremonial
Dark - banishings/releases
Sword - protection from evil eye
Fear - courage/strength
Life - natural beings
Time - deadlines/meditation
Blood - powerful exponential
Death - divination/ancestors
These following Moon Glyphs are generally to be used for the lunar phase of each association.
New Moon
Waxing Crescent
First Quarter
Waxing Gibbous
Full Moon
Waning Gibbous
Last Quarter
Waning Crescent


Night Sky Maps
     There is a monthly sky map that is incredibly informative and may invite you to journey into the night sky.  The site is called Sky Maps and its January 2017 sky map, a printable pdf, is linked in the button below.

What are your favorite times of the moon, year, and/or day?  Are you privy to a calendar, by a certain brand or company?  Do you make your own?  The comment section is below.

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