2016 Lunar Calendar

At the beginnings of 2015, an elegant soul named Jaret Ferratusco grabbed us up and whisked away a handful of designs to join them in photographic revelry.  When the images from their adventures settled in our sights, they were filled with lands where treehouses sneak back behind the branches, the sprites share tea at sundown, body movement leaks into your desires of the mind, and sighs of shadows follow the eyelashes.  The collaborations had been enchanted with the elves: Rant, Whim Grace, Hemlock Eitur, and Kassaundra Lynn.  Each of these peoples have an exceptional strength in story. 

With all those thoughts in mind, a kiss wish for 2016 came to mind from this intimate design house to you, with an added offering too.  A Lunar Calendar for 2016 has been assembled with 12 images from those encounters explained above.  The calendar is a free, printable .pdf download for your personal use only.  If you fancy this calendar to illuminate your confidantes, share the link and story and wish... 
May the journeys within this upcoming year be playful and wise and wipe fear from your feet... every single day.

Jaret Ferratusco is the writer, photographer, designer, artist, and visionary behind the curtain of Corpse On Pumpkin.  I know if you check into the work, you will find treasures without the trash.

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What are your favorite times of the moon, year, and/or day?  Are you privy to a calendar, by a certain brand or company?  Do you make your own?  The comment section is below.

Jennifer M Brown

sensual alchemy for body movement visionaries