Under The Root is an intimate apparel design house that encircles and creates hand structured lingerie, loungerie, and boudoir accessories.  Each design and entire process utilizes industrial hemp, organic cottons, sustainable, upcycled, reclaimed and many times vintage textiles.

Since 2005, Under The Root has specialized in the compassionate and transformative revolution of sensual alchemy for body movement visionaries.  It continues to design undergear that imprints an expression of functional sensuality onto your skin by conjuring sensual equality for every person, a channel to your sustainable planet, and a fair wage in exchange for high return in quality work.  The designs provide a practical, yet ethereal wickedness with a mission of equilibrium.

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everyone has an intimate story to tell

Under The Root began as a personal homage to modern dance in 2005.  Jennifer had continued to study dance at Columbia College Chicago with minors in business, philosophy, and liberal education.  A need of specific undergear for dancers, performers, artists, eccentrics, and other free thinkers of experience was eye spied.  This clarity leaped forward throughout the following years.  It was permeated with research, development in pattern and design, body shape investigations, production analytics, and material studies.  Although the exploration seems to be endless, an innate sense to coalesce the early twentieth century underground with our modern day responsibility overflows every facet of the business.

Jennifer strives to organically expand this intimate brand, achieve complete sustainability at every stage of the manufacturing process, collaborate and exchange with the socially conscious community, and substantially support slow design as a means to heal our planet and its people.